Facial Massage

Jacquelina Davis, LMT

Energetic Beauty Consultant

The toning and flushing of facial muscles during this massage treatment helps promote healthy blood flow.  Stress and tension melt away and the skin tone improves. Toning and flushing of facial muscles  helps to refine the pores, prevent blemishes and create a rosy glowing countenance. Any residual stress, tension or fatigue held in the muscles and soft tissue of the face releases. As the facial muscles tone we look younger and consequently feel better about ourselves. As a result the weight of the world begins to melt away, we can see more clearly, hold our heads more erect and let go of unconscious facial expressions. The use of an "angelwings" sequence during this massage stimulates  12 major nerve centers on the face and head. This sequence is repeated throughout the massage to effect a relaxing and rejuvenating experience throughout the entire body. The intention of the therapist is to retrain facial muscles and nerves to relax, let go and connect allowing the heart to open and feel free to express more love and joy.

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